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Adopt A Fruit Tree at the Bounty Farm!

Help the Bounty Farm to plant 70 fruit trees this year and support sustainable agriculture in Petaluma by adopting your very own fruit tree today.

Adopt a fruit tree for yourself, your family, or a friend.  Your business can even adopt a row of trees!  Each tree you adopt helps us to make more healthy food available at affordable prices to low-income families and seniors in Petaluma.

Choose from: apple, pear, or plum.  Each tree will have a customized metal tag with the name of your tree on it (if you wish to give it a name) plus your own name.  Or, you can adopt a tree on behalf of a friend or loved one, and we will put their name on the tag.

The Bounty Farm will provide all irrigation, pruning, and pest control for these trees.  As an adoptive tree parent, you will always be welcome to come out to the Bounty Farm to visit and talk to your tree (or even sing to it).

Adoption cost is $100 per tree.

To adopt your own fruit tree at the Bounty Farm, please click here.

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