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Farmageddon Comes to the Seed Bank, November 10 at 6:30pm

Friends of Petaluma Bounty and all those interested in a sustainable, democratic local food and agricultural system, as well as issues such as food sovereignty and access to healthy food may find the upcoming screening of the much-discussed documentary, Farmageddon, a do-not-miss opportunity.


The Sonoma County chapter of the FOOD RIGHTS COALITION will be hosting a screening of “Farmageddon” on Thursday, November 10th at 6:30pm at The Petaluma Seed Bank (located at 199 Petaluma Blvd N in Petaluma). This documentary is a must see for anyone who is an advocate of local food systems, small family farms, and raw milk, and for those who believe it is their right to grow and consume their own food.

The film reveals what is happening to small family farms across the country and exposes the reasons why many farmers farm “in hiding” so as not to be harassed by the FDA. It includes many familiar big names in local food advocacy such as Joel Salatin (of Polyface Farm), Sally Fallon (founder of the Weston A Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions), and Jessica Prentice (of Three Stone Hearth and author of Full Moon Feast).

Following the movie there will be a brief update on what is happening here in California with the California Department of Food and Agriculture as well as a question and answer period with special guest Pattie Chelseth and other farmers. Pattie Chelseth is a retired firefighter from El Dorado County who was given a ‘cease and desist’ letter to stop milking her cows and stop her herdshare operation.

The FOOD RIGHTS COALITION is a group of small farmers and allies in California that has recently come together in light of Cease and Desist letters being handed out to herdshares here in California .

The Seed Bank is located at 199 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma

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