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Harvest Party First Stop on Aqus Community Crawl


Arrive by 5 p.m. at the Bounty Harvest Party for the first stop on the Aqus Community Crawl.   A special Aqus Community Connects Veggies is scheduled for meeting fellow gardeners, growers and farmers in a fast, fun and interactive gathering to exchange needs/wants/offers.  This is a fun, fast and effective activity to get people connected.  Speed networking for people who either have land for growing, have gardens they would like to share, have fruit or veggies to swap or donate, or have none of the above and would like to have access to land to grow food on, have access to someone’s garden to share, or ???

A virtual swap meet of farmers, growers, gardeners, and good eaters!  Meet, greet and engage in less than 25 minutes!

Topics: Bounty Farm

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