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In the Community Voice on April 29, 2007

Producing true ‘Bounty’ in Petaluma’s food system

By Betti Lambro

Imagine a city where EVERYONE has enough fresh, organic, and locally grown fruits and vegetables for a year-round adequate and healthy diet. Imagine a community in which backyard and front yard food gardens, instead of lawns, are the neighborhood norm. Imagine “foodscapes” in place of landscapes, not just in private places but also in public spaces. Imagine school gardens in every school and community gardens in every neighborhood.

Grayson James, executive director of Petaluma Bounty, does more than just imagine these local foodscapes, he is working to make them a reality.

Petaluma Bounty is a new nonprofit organization that “fills an important niche in the local sustainability movement,” James explains. The mandate of Petaluma Bounty is to address hunger in Petaluma, and James is approaching the problem in innovative ways.  To read the rest of the article, please go here.

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