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Introduction to the Soil Foodweb with Dan McLeod and Caitlin Bergman

Introduction to The Soil Foodweb, Saturday February 12, 2011 from 10am-12pm at the Petaluma Bounty Community Farm with Dan McLeod and Caitlin Bergman. Working closely with Dr. Elaine Ingham, Chief Scientist at Rodale Institute, their passion is to facilitate everyone from farmers to backyard gardeners to grow robust plants with the help of soil microbes. There is more life in 2 tablespoons of compost than human beings on the planet. However, we have only very recently discovered the mystery behind the relationships between compost and our plants. What is compost anyway? Did you know that each plant has a specific set of microbes it needs to thrive? You will take home an understanding of the relationship between your plants and the soil, how the soil foodweb works in layman’s terms, and that the most important input you need to get healthy plants is soil biology, not fertilizers! Join us and discover how to replenish the soil biology that is missing from your garden, and get a glimpse into the transformation that rapidly takes place when gardens are united with their ultimate valentine love, the only true fertilizer there is, compost via understanding and utilizing the soil foodweb! Price $10-$20 sliding scale.

No need to rsvp, just mark your calendars and come on down to the Petaluma Bounty Community Farm 55 Shasta Ave, Petaluma (just north of the Petaluma Blvd Lucky supermarket), Saturday February 12 at 10am.

For more information, visit their website at

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