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Local Soil Champions Workshop-Biodynamics for Backyard Abundance


Biodynamics farming and composting demystified!

Presented by David Perkins and hosted by the Bounty Community Farm on March   12th from 1-3pm. RSVP to [email protected] Sliding scale fee $10-$20.

Practical techniques for farmers and gardeners who want to discover the benefits of biodynamics for themselves. Add new skills and awareness to your gardening experience!

Biodynamic farming and gardening originated in Europe in the 1920’s. This approach is grounded in an extraordinary depth of earth-honoring wisdom. The evolution of biodynamics into a worldwide movement is gaining momentum, and it has earned respect for the quality and vitality of produce. This class is a fascinating journey into holistic and sustainable gardening for the 21st century.

This two hour workshop will cover a brief history of biodynamics, what makes biodynamics unique in the farming world, and practical take-home skills that you can apply to your garden tomorrow!

You will learn:

  • Knowledge of an introduction to biodynamics.
  • How to make high quality compost with the biodynamic approach.
  • How to read a planting calendar, and cultivate awareness of working with the rhythms of the solar system.
  • How to create and sustain soil fertility for personal and planetary healing.
  • Resources for the road to develop as a biodynamic practitioner.

Please join us, and step through an open door towards greater harmony and abundance in your garden!

David Perkins is a permaculture designer, biodynamic practitioner, and farm/garden consultant with a focus on soil fertility. He is a Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor, and the Regional Sales Manager for Malibu Compost, producers of certified biodynamic compost.

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