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Order your Bounty Bouquet Today!

Fresh Flowers from the Bounty Farm

For just $18 a week, you’ll get your weekly Bounty Bouquet from mid-June to mid-October of annual and perennial cut flowers delivered to your home or business, fresh from the Bounty Farm. Your purchase of sustainably grown Bounty Farm flowers helps to create a healthier Petaluma food system, by directly supporting Petaluma Bounty’s programs.

We also offer a bucket of mixed flowers for $30 per week for
restaurants who wish to make smaller bouquets for their tables.

The Bounty Farm is Petaluma Bounty’s educational urban farm, growing healthy food for low-income families, and offering classes, workshops and volunteer opportunities.

All proceeds support Petaluma Bounty’s programs.

Deliveries on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers from the Bounty Farm

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers from the Bounty Farm

For more information or to order your Bounty Bouquet,
call 775-3663, ext. 213.

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  1. Jessica Dormay says:

    Is there any option for getting live flowers instead of cut?

  2. Ruth says:

    No, sorry, we are only offering fresh cut flowers at this time.

  3. debbie says:

    So I can plan, how big are the bouquets? And how do you accept payment?

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