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Petaluma Bounty Gleaners Hit the Orchards!

At 8:30 am on Saturday, October 28th, seven volunteer Petaluma Bounty Gleaners responded to a call for help and converged on an idyllic three-acre apple orchard in Sebastopol, armed with buckets, bags and ladders.

The Orchard

Mary casting for Apples

Sheri demonstrating the Two-Handed Picking Maneuver

Dave executing a perfect Classic Overhead Reach

Kris warming up on the Low Hanging Fruit

Laiken: “Look Ma, no hands…whoooooaaaa!”

Two hours later, several hundred pounds of beautiful Red Delicious apples were bound for Elim Lutheran Church, to await delivery to the Interfaith Pantry on Tuesday night (at the north parking lot of Luchessi Community Center), where they would be distributed free to participating families, along with bags of additional food.

The Petaluma Bounty Gleaners Swat Team at Rest: Kris, Kathy, Mary, Sheri, Dave and Laiken

Many thanks to members of our first Petaluma Bounty Gleaners Swat Team: Mary Savage, Sheri Chlebowski, Dave Chlebowski, Kris Hermanson, Kathy James and Laiken James. And thank you, to Dave and Annie Lee for their generosity–and apples!

To learn more about Petaluma Bounty Gleaners, or to become a Petaluma Bounty volunteer, please click here.

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