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Urgent-Petaluma Families Need Food Today!

As our economy continues to worsen, many more local families and seniors are forced to cut corners where ever they can–and healthy food is often what gets cut.  One of our partners and an important Petaluma food resource for many families is COTS’ Food For Families program.  I want to pass along an urgent message from COTS’s Executive Director, John Records (below), and ask that you donate whatever food items you can today, either directly to the Petaluma Kitchen (directions below), or to our Bounty Hunters Westside Collection Site at Elim Lutheran Church office, 504 Baker Street (corner of Western/Stanley), weekdays, from 9 to 3.

From John Records:

In these hard times, we are receiving 20-25 new applications every week for our Food Box Program, which provides about 40 pounds a week of nutritious food for free to needy families and seniors so they don’t have to choose between paying their rent and eating. Last year Food Box program volunteers delivered over 500,000 pounds of food to these members of our community.

We’ve seen a 36% increase in the size of this program compared to the beginning of last year, and would like to provide more food to the senior citizens living in PEP Housing.  In this time of increasing need, grocers who have been giving their off-shelf and outdated items to our programs are ordering less food so they may waste less at the end of the day.

Consequently, our food supplies are running dangerously low and our cupboards for the Food Box Program are bare.

We need immediate help from the community so we can continue to serve the needs of our hungry neighbors.  Please consider helping us serve those in need by sponsoring a focused food drive to collect a specific item or two.

We are asking for substantial items that go a long way toward supplying a meal, such as pasta and sauce, rice and beans, or boxes of cereal in family sizes.

We ask that food items be delivered to the Petaluma Kitchen at 301 Payran St. between 7am and 3 pm.  Questions may be directed to Elizabeth, Judy or Don at 778-6380.

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