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Used and Abused Tool Maintenance Workshop

Used and Abused Tool Maintenance with Scott Braun

Its free and there’s no need to rsvp
Date: January 7, 2012
Time: 2 – 4 PM

Clean out the tool shed and bring your used abused tools to Petaluma Bounty Farm on January 7 at 2PM.

Wood worker Scott Braun will share his skills while we clean up, shine up and repair Bounty Farm garden tools and yours too.

Scott says, “Sharp tools make any work a joy, dull ones make for drudgery.”

Scott Braun began gardening with his mother, Carolyn and grandmother, Dorothy, who grew up on an Orange ranch in Placentia, CA.  He has worked as a horticultural landscaper and owns a woodworking business in Petaluma.  He likes to go after the weeds at the bounty farm with a sharp machete.

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