Bounty Farm Greenhouse Training Wed., 2/19 or Sat., 2/22 from 12-1PM

Bounty Farm is now preparing to seed for both our 10th Annual Plant Sale and our own farm production! One major component of this is greenhouse management. Starting mid-to-late February, we need volunteers who can help us water, ventilate and watch over our plant babies in the greenhouse. No experience is necessary, but folks with an interest in greenhouse management and have availability Mon-Sunday either mornings (8:30-10 window), midday, or evenings (4-6 window; time will vary slightly with sunlight/weather changes). Generally, a shift will be anywhere from 15-30 minutes, but if you would like to do more, we are happy to include you on our seeding duties! We are looking for a pool of people we can count on when Bounty Staff can’t be at the farm, for emergencies and to share our knowledge with the community. Trainings will be Wednesday, February 19th, 12-1 and Saturday, February 22nd, 12-1 pm. Email [email protected] for questions.

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