Bounty Farm’s Celebration of Cesar Chavez Day

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” – Cesar Chavez

On March 31st, Bounty Farm welcomed about 30 community members – long-time volunteers, returning members of the SSU Multicultural Greek Council, and new friends – to take part in honoring Cesar Chavez and his legacy in farmworkers’ rights and environmental justice. As someone who gave voice to the millions of growers who feed America, we wanted to honor his work with a day of community farming and thought-sharing. 

Throughout the morning, under a blue sky and brilliant sun, we worked together in small groups around the farm to work, chat, and reflect. In just about three hours, we collectively completed many projects key to the farm’s health as we move towards summer. Thank you to the many hands that:

  • Weeded and mulched the fruit trees in our orchard
  • Planted, mulched, and weeded our Unity Garden
  • Potted up seedlings
  • Painted sign posts
  • Sanded and painted the Bounty Farm Stand
  • And more!

Before we shared lunch around our farm table, we held a closing circle to reflect on our work that day. One woman shared with us the history of Cesar Chavez and his story in spearheading a movement. Another reminisced on the days when Cesar Chavez was actively leading swathes of people across the country in standing up for workers’ rights. As we reflected on the sweat and energy that went into three hours of work under a hot sun, we also acknowledged the skills of farm workers across our country, the contribution of their labor to the health of our food system, and the many steps that our food system has to go in furthering the health of our growers. Finishing with a Unity Clap and lunch shared around our farm table, we spent time sharing more thoughts and gratitude as the day drew to a close.

We are extremely grateful to Mi Pueblo, our generous sponsor who provided lunch, the long-time volunteers who led projects, and the new people we met during the day. Thank you, community! We look forward to learning from one another and continuing our work together in building a healthy and vibrant local food system.

Check out some photos from the day below, and see the whole album here. To learn more about volunteering at Bounty Farm, email [email protected]

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