Petaluma Bounty Farm Wish List 2020

Petaluma Bounty could use your support! Many of the items that could help us greatly on the farm you may have in your own tool shed that isn’t being used. Please read the list of following items and contact [email protected] if you would like to donate one of these items. If you would like to support the Bounty Farm with a monetary donation, please click here. We appreciate your generosity and could not continue to do all the things we do without your support!

Collinear hoe
Tine Harrow
Rebellion Mutineer Hoe Accessory and Handle
Broad fork
4-Tine Stainless Steel Digging Forks
Hori Hori Digging Knives
3 1/4″ Stirrup Hoe Tool
Wheel hoe attachment for finger weeder
Work Gloves
Seeding and Planting
Silage tarps
Plastic weed cloth
Rice Straw bales
Gift Card for Johnny’s Seeds or Petaluma Seed Bank
Gift Card to Friedman’s Home Improvement
commercial metal wire shelves for refrigerated space 
Organic Seed Starter MixOrganic nursery planting mix potting soil
Solo backpack sprayer
Greenhouse Poly Repair Tape
Metal stakes/staples for irrigation tape
⅝” 8mil or thicker irrigation drip tape with 8” spacing
T-tape barb connectors with on/off switch
Gray water tank for wash station runoff and rooftop capture
Cleaning Supplies
Bleach, eco soap, various sponges and scrubbers

Education Supplies
New sandwich board (for Farmacy)
White primer
Waterproof sealant (exterior, water-based) for educational signage
Exterior paint, all colors (for murals)

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