Produce Donations Accepted at Bounty Farm

This week’s produce from the farm as been redirected to Sonoma Family Meal, an organization that provides hot meals for those affected by the wildfires. If you have extra produce, you may drop it off to the Bounty Farm every day from 9am-6pm. We will make regular deliveries to facilities that are cooking for evacuees. Please call Suzi at (707) 364-9118 to coordinate large donations or to drop-off after hours. We also are requesting a donation for additional shelving to place in our refrigeration unit as we are expecting a high volume of donations. Ideally, we are requesting two 6-ft shelves and one 4-ft shelf made out of wire or some sort of easily cleaned material (not wood).

If you need help with harvesting your produce, fill out this form or email [email protected]

Thank you to those who have donated thus far! We will continue to share community resources and opportunities to help out.

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