Petaluma Bounty is now offering local affordable food incentives everywhere our produce is sold…and beyond!

  • Thursday Farm Stand from 3 to 6pm at the Bounty Farm offers 30% discounts for limited income families and 50% discounts for CalFresh customers up to $20.
  • Thursday Farmacy at the Petaluma Health Center offers the same (only available to PHC patients).
  • Saturday Walnut Park Farmers’ Market offers a dollar for dollar match for CalFresh customers up to $10 through Farmers’ Market LIFE (a Bounty Program).
  • A limited number of Bounty Boxes are now available to CalFresh customers at a 50% discount of the full price of $22.
How are these local affordable food incentives funded?

Through donations from our community, corporate sponsorships, grants through foundations and the USDA FINI (Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive) Program. In order to provide the incentives at the above outlets where Bounty Farm produce is sold, we must raise $8,155 of cash and allowable in-kind donations to offer a total of $13,830. The CalFresh incentives require a dollar for dollar match from local non-federal sources and the discounted produce is privately funded. (For more information on the FINI requirements, click here).

Each week, we need to raise a total of $340 (assuming a 24 week season) to provide the incentives where Bounty produce is sold. We are going to start asking our customers, business community, and everyone else to contribute to this fund so that we can expand our offering of local affordable fresh produce for consumers of limited resources.

Expanding beyond Bounty produce outlets

Petaluma Bounty will expand CalFresh incentives and the FM LIFE initiative to West County Health Clinic Farmacy (Forestville), and a few select CSA subscriptions and farm stands of for-profit farms in 2016. If fully utilized, Petaluma Bounty will distribute another $5,750 of incentives through this expansion. Additionally, through the expanded 2015 Farmers’ Market LIFE initiative, Petaluma Bounty plans to distribute another $52,200 through 13 farmers’ markets across Sonoma and Marin Counties.

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