Seeking AmeriCorps VISTA applicants

We’re excited to announce that through a partnership with Harvest Against Hunger for an AmeriCorps VISTA program, we are currently recruiting for a Harvest Outreach Coordinator here at Petaluma Bounty! The Harvest Outreach Coordinator will work to address food insecurity in our local community by supporting food recovery programs that increase access to fresh, nutritious, and local produce. The VISTA will build upon existing Petaluma Bounty partnerships to expand our food recovery network, raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and institute need-based, culturally appropriate, and community engaged programming. 

Interested applicants should include any information about previous experience with community engagement, food security, and/or sustainable agriculture. We welcome all applications and are looking for someone with a positive attitude, solid work ethic, ability to work independently, and a passion for social justice! Fluency in Spanish is a huge plus!

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a specific branch of AmeriCorps geared toward poverty alleviation with an emphasis on community engagement, capacity building, and sustainable partnerships. The goal of VISTA is to ensure that projects are built with community members to ensure they continue on long after the AmeriCorps member completes their service. In this way, VISTA presents a unique opportunity to co-create relevant programs with lasting impact in communities all over the US. Start your VISTA journey by applying to Petaluma Bounty’s Harvest Outreach Coordinator today! 

The year-long role will begin on February 18, 2020. We will accept applications on a rolling basis. Apply today at this link or share this flyer with people you know that may be looking for a year-long service position.

Two of Petaluma Bounty’s staff members did AmeriCorps and found it to be a rewarding way to build skills, focus their career exploration, and be in service to a community. Although each placement and experience is different, service is at the core. Summer, our Nutrition Incentive Coordinator shares below about her experience. 

“Through the AmeriCorps VISTA program, I was placed at California State University, Bakersfield and tasked with starting a 1.75-acre Edible Garden to address a 40% food insecurity experienced by the campus’s students, faculty, and staff. Though difficult, I cultivated the campus and community support and expertise needed to successfully start the garden by the end of my service. I also sought out other modes of engagement through grant-writing, joining the county’s food policy council, and becoming involved with early childhood edible education. 

I am thankful for the continuing friendships and networks of support I have in Bakersfield, which were highly encouraged through VISTA’s emphasis on community engaged work and sustainable partnerships. Because of this, the CSUB Edible Garden has continued to grow even after my year of service ended. It is now entirely student-led, community funded source of local, organic food for the campus Food Pantry. This experience allowed me to explore my strengths, acknowledge where I could grow, and unearth my passion for social and environmental justice. It was a truly transformative year that started me down a focused path of food security work, and eventually, guided me toward my current role at Petaluma Bounty.”

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