SSU Projects at the Bounty Farm

For the past three weeks, students from Sonoma State University’s Science 220 class, “Dream, Make, Design”, have been working on various projects at the Bounty Farm. The students were tasked with addressing a problem on the farm and designing a solution using their innovative minds as well as the Makerspace workshop on their campus which is equipped with a laser cutter, 3D printer, and much more. We are excited about this collaboration with SSU and look forward to having more students use the farm for project-based work!

One group decided to add safety features to our beloved apple press to make it more kid-friendly. They added a clear plastic box to cover the motorized piece of the apple press and a cover for the apple shoot so that little hands are protected when throwing apples in!

Another group chose to address the problem of our greenhouse ventilation and designed a prototype that included a solar-powered automatic ventilation system that would open the windows when the temperature inside the greenhouse reached a certain degree. This solution helps our farmers immensely by not having to manually open the windows so early in the morning during the summer and reallocate their time and energy towards other farm projects.

The last group chose to add an educational and fun component to the farm by making a bicycle-powered blender. They retrofitted an old bicycle to motorize a blender when the back wheel moves. We can’t wait to have our field trip groups make some farm-fresh smoothies!

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