Stonitsch Family continues to contribute to the Bounty Farm

On a recent sunny day, I met with the Stonitsch Sisters to sign and notarize (thank you Quality Printers) the Bounty Farm lease in order to sell at the Walnut Park Farmers’ Market on Saturday’s. This represents the 12th growing season of the Bounty Farm on their family’s land and we’re grateful that they want to continue the partnership long into the future.

Over the last decade, Amy Rice-Jones, Grayson James, and literally hundreds of volunteer transformed 55 Shasta Ave. from a forgotten lot to a green oasis that provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to our community annually. See below and click here for some early photos of the farm.

May 08 Bounty Farm Work Day

None of this would be possible without the generous support of first Gottfried Stonitsch and later, his three daughters. Thank you to the whole family for making the Bounty Community Farm a reality!

For more information about the Bounty Farm, please click here.

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