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Adopt a Tree in the Bounty Orchard

Adopt an apple tree and support sustainable agriculture in Petaluma.

Adopt an apple tree for yourself, your family, or a friend. Your business can even adopt a row of trees! Each tree you adopt helps us make more healthy food available at affordable prices to low-income families and seniors in Petaluma.

Adopting a tree is a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a loved one.  Every tree has a personalized engraved plaque with a name or sentiment of your choice.   Fruit harvested is included in our Bounty Boxes and sold at the bounty market stand.


Choose from a variety of heritage apple trees:

  • El Star
  • Grime’s Golden
  • Hudson’s Golden Gem
  • Hoople’s Antique Gold
  • Ashmead Kernel
  • Wickson
  • Sierra Beauty

The Bounty Community Farm will provide all irrigation, pruning, and pest control for these trees. As an adoptive tree parent, you will always be welcome to come out to the Farm to visit and talk to your tree (or even sing to it).

Adoption cost is $100 per tree.

To adopt your own fruit tree at the Bounty Community Farm, please click here.

For more information about adopting a tree or the Bounty Farm, please contact Suzi Grady (Bounty Farm Manager) at 707/775-3663, ext. 7.

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