Volunteer Program

Building a healthier local food system is a tall order. It takes commitment, reflection, planning, partnerships, money… and a ton of volunteer work by people throughout our community.  We are grateful to have had the support and hands of thousands of volunteers from our inception, and are able to continue offering our programs and services because of our Volunteer Program.

Most of our regular volunteers support the production at Bounty Community Farm and gleaning with Bounty Hunters. We receive volunteers from many places including local schools, universities and colleges churches, businesses, and many interested community members,. We also work with the Sonoma County Volunteer Center, who refers volunteers to us, many of whom need to complete court-appointed service hours.

There are lots of ways to contribute as a volunteer, depending on your interest, experience, skills and availability. To sign up to be a volunteer, either show up at the current Volunteer Hours, Volunteer Orientation, or visit the “Volunteer” page under “Take Action” and fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

Current volunteer hours at Bounty Farm:

Check back for weekly Volunteer Hours during our growing season, April-November!

New Volunteer Orientation: 2nd Saturday of every month at Bounty Farm, 10-11am