Welcome to Petaluma Bounty’s new website!

It’s a new year and time for a new website!

We could go on about spring cleaning and turning a new corner, but we would be remiss if we didn’t also share that we were hacked and are in the process of scrubbing the old content. So, although we’re embracing the opportunity to show a new face to the world and all the cool new plugins and widgets, you’ll notice there’s still a lot of broken links and incomplete pages as the timeline came much earlier than expected.

For those of you who reached out to let us know something was not working, thank you! If it’s something that you need, we’ll prioritize that link/page. Otherwise, please know we are working on this and hope to have the majority of the content uploaded by March.

We can’t control all the variables in life, yet we do have a say in how we respond to them. Farming teaches us that daily! As we apply this concept to our webpage, we look forward to updating the organizational structure, programs, and resources to reflect the evolution of Petaluma Bounty over the past nine years. We root ourselves in the strong foundation laid by the hard work of our predecessors while looking forward with hope and enthusiasm!

Suzi and the Bounty Team!

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