11th Annual Spring Plant Sale Recap

If you’ve been following along with our Blog Posts and our Facebook Posts throughout this Spring, you’ve seen a lot of behind the scenes pictures and stories of the hard work that goes into tending a greenhouse full of potential. Not only are the seedlings for the farm but a good majority of them grow up with us and then find their garden homes somewhere else in the community thanks to everyone who comes out to our Spring Plant Sale fundraisers! This year was no different! The greenhouse and surrounding areas have been bursting with life this month as we got ready for our 11th Annual Spring Plant Sale. 

There is a lot of prep work that goes into hosting a plant sale and we are so thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers who have spent the month carefully potting up transplants, keeping an eye on the greenhouse, and the many other tasks that go into growing strong plants. We could not do this without our wonderful greenhouse tenders.

Also, the particulars of hosting an event at the farm right now is further complicated by the ongoing presence of COVID-19 in our community. We learned a lot last Spring, when we had to pivot quickly about what not to do, revised our plan when we hosted the 1st Annual Fall Plant Sale in September (in 110 degree weather!), and further organized and changed our plan for this Spring based on feedback from our community.

In response to community feedback, we changed the 11th Annual Spring Plant Sale to two days – both Saturday and Sunday. In order to accommodate seniors, immunocompromised folks, and EBT customers. We did this for several reasons but we wanted to make sure these populations had extra help available to them and got the first pick of the season instead of feeling like they were left out. Further, we had folks continue to sign up for time slots to control the amount of folks at the farm at one time for social distancing but also to make sure folks had room to shop without feeling crowded. This is one of the best practices we have learned from having COVID-19 impose limits on how many folks we could have at the farm at one time. It has lent itself to making sure people have space to shop!

For Sunday, we learned to pivot quickly as we experienced joyful rain showers on and off throughout the day. Thanks to everyone that still came out despite the rain and even those that joined in our rain dance to celebrate Sonoma County getting some much needed rain!

We’re still figuring out the estimate of plants sold but want to joyfully share that with all your help, we raised over $12,000 from the 11th Annual Spring Plant Sale to support our programs! This is over a 20% increase from our 2019 sale!

Huge thanks from our small team to all of you who supported in whatever capacity you had – whether it was volunteering to tend seedlings, helping us set and tear down from the Plant Sale, or those that came and shopped! Your support means so much to us! We still have quite a few plants to sell and will have a bunch at the Petaluma Walnut Park Farmers’ Market that starts this Saturday, May 1st, from 2-5pm. We hope to see you there!

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