2021 Community Plant Giveaway

After our 11th Annual Spring Plant Sale and planting our fields, we were honored to be able to spread the wealth of healthy seedlings with our community! We hosted the 2021 Community Plant Giveaway at the end of May and beginning of June and were honored to welcome seventeen groups/participants out to the farm including local school gardens, community gardens, Bay Area urban farms, as well as local farmers who experienced crop losses due to extreme weather and other concerns that plagued our local farmers this Spring

Some of the groups that participated were LandPaths, Lydia Commons Garden, St. James Garden, Stony Point Community Garden, Graton Day Labor Center, Sequoia School, Common Vision, Acta Non Verba, Cinnabar School, Mcnear School, Botanical Bus.

As well as welcoming in community groups, we were also able to supplement the plant donations already occurring through our partnership with getstarted and they were able to give away 100% of the seedlings we provided them with on top of the amazing results that they had with their community grown seedlings.

We were thrilled to see our community get into the sharing spirit as well as we were able to direct our abundance of local donations to other groups as well. This abundance including seed potatoes and onion sets from Wilco, tomato and flower seedlings from the Five Keys Program with the Sheriff’s Department, azaleas from Gatti Nursery and other various community donations.

Inspired by the reinvigoration of the sharing ethic out at the farm, we will be implementing a Free Table of plant seedlings that we have leftovers of or ones that are donated to us to share with our community and school gardens.

By the redistribution of these resources, we are able to distribute food to our community that would otherwise go to waste while building up local network partners, similar to our Community Seed and Tool Giveaway that we hosted early in the Spring!

If you have an organization, such as a school of community garden that would benefit from receiving resources when we have extra, please email farm@petalumabounty.org to be added to our email list that is reserved for other community-based organizations.

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