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    1. anna m brown

      OH no looks like i missed the plant sale. is this the only time plants are for sale? I need some veggie starts

    2. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Zahra! Thanks for your interest! You can easily sign up for our newsletters on the right side of the page, where you see “Newsletter Sign-Up.” Just give us your first name, last name and email address!

    3. Vanessa

      Thank you for doing this. I’m really concerned about soil health as well. Are there certain plants that absorb more pollutants that we should avoid for eating? Are there certain plants we should absolutely plant to help remediate soil? And then what? Take out the plants?

    4. Sheina Curtis

      I cannot volunteer tomorrow but am very interested in the results of the study. Can you can add me to your email list if you share the results?

    5. Colby Eierman

      Will you be posting updates here? I’d love to be kept informed on how this effort is progressing.


    6. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Colby,

      Thanks for your interest! Please note that Vanessa Raditz is directing this research project. Her information is available through the post above and you should reach out to her directly for specific questions. We will try to keep our community updated on the projects moving forward. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, as well, which is updated more regularly.

      Thank you!
      The Bounty Team

    7. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Sheina,

      Thank you for your interest! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, which is updated more regularly. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to Vanessa Raditz, who is coordinating the study, directly.

    8. Melody Sea

      You are all wonderful and busy people. Thank You for taking care of our less fortunate people and hope they are happy and thriving well because of your efforts.

    9. JJ

      You’re right of course that many hands contribute, but it takes leadership to keep a volunteer effort thriving, so thank you for your work and energy.

    10. Vesta Copestakes

      Thank you for this. Many years ago the Gazette produced a resource guide to food pantries – that is still online. It was very difficult to keep up with since so many food pantries are volunteer-based. I appreciate your efforts here. I would like to promote your guide on our website and in our magazine. May I have permission to do this?

    11. Jaclyn Allen

      You continue to inspire me in my own field. It’s people like yourself that gives me hope in systemic change for the good. Keep up the good work!

    12. Larry Martin

      Thanks for the article. P,ease let us now the impact to Market Match from the 700,000 person SNAP reduction

    13. Gail Feenstra

      Excellent article and well said! We hope the project will provide community-centered opportunities for improving farmers markets and farmers market outreach in the Bay Area.

    14. Heather Gallgher

      I would love to See Lemongrass for sale at the Bounty Farm.Other than that everything i look forward to planing you have available at your plant sale. I have some gardening books I will bring with me when I volunteer next Saturday.

    15. Mary Savage

      Hi, Suzi! Mike and I were fortunate to work with you at the beginning of your career with Petaluma Bounty. You were the perfect person for the job to lead this nonprofit into the future. You are a very special dedicated leader and Petaluma is very fortunate to have you in our midst. I admire your dedication and perseverance and tireless energy. Thank you for all you do to make Petaluma a wonderful place to live.
      Mary Savage

    16. Dani

      Wonderful account! What you are accomplishing at Bounty is worthy and your passion shines though with every word.

    17. Matt Lowe

      You are an inspiration to us all. Your giving heart and clear mind is lights a path of hope for the rest of us. Thank you!

    18. Deanna Statler

      OMG, at first I thought you were going to say, “I’ve had a lovely ten years with you but now I’m moving on to greener pastures!”
      So Thank You Suzy for your wonderful comments and your thoughts on the future of the Bounty Farm. Your observations are so relevant. And I am so happy you are staying around into your 40’s.
      I hope you consider the Sunrise Garden as one of your successes. We operate in a different way from Bounty but we know the same challenges as all farmers. And we always look to the Bounty and PPS for advice. Thank you for being there.

    19. Janeen Murray

      Suzi, How nice to get your story, and sincere appreciation to you for helping to manifest more bounty for Petaluma Bounty! It is such important work that you do and our region is so much the better for it.

    20. Shan Magnuson

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, reflections, memories and theories, Suzi.

      Petaluma Bounty and our community are the richer for all you have given and continue to give to this noble, inspiring and down to earth effort.

    21. Jack Grimes

      After reading an online article about Bounty Farm, i checked out the website and am interested in volunteering my time and services. I moved to Penngrove about a year ago after retiring in 2019. I’ll be in touch

    22. Margret Smetana

      I can see Chester also had a big season on the farm……and has earned a long winters nap!

      Thanks so much Reyna and Petaluma Bounty for modeling great stewardship, generosity and sharing farming knowledge through teaching in-field and one-on-one. You’re the kind of leader, team member and bright spirit that keeps volunteers like me coming back to pitch-in where the food that feeds the
      community starts!

    23. Anadi yoga Center

      Thanks for sharing such important information your content is very impressive. I like your explanation of the topic and the ability to do work. I really found your post very interesting.
      Nice Article! Loved To Read, Keep up the Work

    24. Margret Smetana

      I will fold up and keep these February Reflections in my pocket ….throughout March and beyond! Thank you for these reflections, weaving threads of nurturing our spirits with farm wisdom and metaphors of grounding, seeding what we as persons and the farm community will become. And honoring the time that nature and our own deep desires seek…… to slow down, look closely and respect it all.

    25. Nickole Ruscigno


      I just submitted a volunteer interest form. I’m usually available every other Sat. I had previously signed up for this Sat 6/19 to work on the farm, but something came up and I can’t make it.

      I look forward to hearing from you for future help 🙂

    26. Miss Miche’le

      You’re a complete & real, “gem”, Reyna!
      Great blessings, I wish for you!🌸👩🏻‍🌾🌸

    27. Orleana

      You have been a key source of energy, deep thinking, thought provoking conversations, words of encouragement, and fabulously contagious laugh. Wherever you are in life those around will be better for it. Thank you for all you give and all you accept. May you always receive as much as you give.

    28. Marge Smetana

      3 Years of nails worn down low so no dirt can collect there,

      3 years of MORE than the minimum recommended 1/2 plate of veggies and fruits per meal…wow!

      Countless sprouts of abundance in the fields, numberless interactions, teaching moments, out loud laughter and respectful friendship within the Petaluma Bounty Farm’s wide community.

      Happy Trails Rey….walk, run, plant seeds and always, always GROW in your future endeavors! Thank you for sharing your time and gifts of self.

    29. Victoria

      We are new to the area and look forward to volunteering! We LOVE gleaning and foraging. How can we get involved? We are in Occidental and would be open to driving up to 30 min for a glean.

      Let us know!
      Many Blessings!
      Victoria, Bryan and Kali

    30. Ammon

      Hello there!

      My name is Ammon, I am the Director here at Neighborhood Garden Initiative. Our mission is to put the garden in every home and put the food system back into the hands of the people. We are a new nonprofit, and currently have five gardens installed (4 personal/1 community), and looking to install and maintain more.

      I learned recently that Petaluma Bounty is in charge of the community gardens around Petaluma. We were interested in reviving the La Tercera garden and bring more awareness to gardening to that area. NGI has 2 gardens installed in that area and has volunteers regularly checking on those gardens to make sure they are thriving. We would also like to get those families involved in gardening on a community level as well. We have a ton of seeds donated from Petaluma Seed Bank and would like to get them out to feed our community.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you so much for your time.

      Happy Planting,

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    32. Sonya

      I missed my appointment for the fall plant sale today. I’d like to see if I can stop by another time this week to buy starts. Do you have some left?

    33. Masako Watanabe

      Hi Sonya, yes we do! We plan to sell veggie starts at our Farmstand (Thursdays, 3 to 6 p.m. at the Bounty Farm) and at the Petaluma Walnut Park Farmers’ Market (Saturdays, 2 to 5 p.m.) while supplies last.


      I’m interested in trying both apple kits, but can’t make it to the Saturday market. When is the farm stand open?

      Thanks so much.

    35. Alyson Wylie

      Love this presentation! I am new living in Sonoma County and work with Jenni Dye at Center for Healthy Communities at Chico State. I would love to come visit and see what you all are doing in the community.

    36. Susan Kirks

      I found this very interesting and am glad to hear you are participating in the survey. You all likely do not know this, but Paula Lane Action Network volunteers played a big role when the farm was first started many years ago. For the first 6 months, one of our Board members volunteered almost daily to just help the first farm manager, Amy, keep things going for the first 6 months. Before Petaluma Bounty took the property, a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks nested in a nearby tree, but were unfortunately driven off when Petaluma Bounty took over the land and human encroachment became primary. The land, as I’m sure you know, had a lot of gophers, which were the prey for the hawks and likely why they had chosen that site for nesting. I always had hoped a balance of leaving some land for the hawks and owls or other raptors would have occurred, but if you are having bats come, that’s good news. I’m not sure why Matt Lau’s name sounds familiar – our paths must have crossed in the past. Just know you used to have an incredible pair of hawks nesting there, so the property as grassland had benefit, especially with the high # of gophers there, and perhaps the bats are a transition species to try and support wild creatures being able to be in their natural setting.

    37. Michele Nishikatsu

      Hi Jane!
      Miss Miche’le here…(you know me from working with management, at the farmers markets).
      The season is over for me…I feel like I’m floundering; very much so, a “convicted” grower, designer, and community advocate.
      I wanted to share…I think you are a delight, and effected The Farm beautifully!
      I also witnessed, your assistance in informing the community, while at the market!
      P.S. You also write, quite beautifully!

      I know its hard…yet please know, you ARE wonderful & necessary.
      I’m encouraging you, to stay in agriculture!
      Its a practical application for you, beloved!
      I know I’ll never cease, no matter how much adversity is placed on my lap…its a calling for me, and a “genre”, that I tend to!

      God bless you, Miss Jane!
      Miss Miche’le
      TEND Garden
      & Design Svcs.

    38. Margaret Alfrey

      I am mentoring a 10-year-old girl who really likes agriculture and planting. When will you have the next opportunity for kids to visit & participate at the Bounty Farm Stand?

    39. Sarah Burkhart

      We will miss your smiling face at the Thursday farm stand! Best of luck to you, Elizabeth!

    40. Kimberly Ann Hansen

      Good luck to you!

      Thank you for providing a great experience for all us volunteers!

      Kimberly Hansen

    41. Masako Watanabe

      That’s wonderful you’re mentoring a 10-year-old girl and that she’s interested in agriculture and planting. Our regular volunteer hours are open to children as young as her as long as a responsible adult participates with her. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for other events. We don’t have anything specific scheduled at this time, but we’ll announce them on those channels as they get scheduled.

    42. Orleana

      Where ever you go in life, those around you will flourish just by interacting with you. You have some very deep pockets of care, joy, creativity and honest appreciation for human relations, and others are fortunate to benefit from this. I will miss seeing your fabulous smile that lights in your eyes. May you always know happiness and success for which you so richly deserve.

    43. Nina Joly

      I would like to come on Sunday, April 24th, if possible. Do I need to sign up?

      Thank you!

      Nina Joly

    44. Lorraine Linstrom

      Where is your plant list? When I use the search feature I’m taken to a 2019 plant list.

    45. Tom Martin

      Hello Trik,
      I hope this finds you well. I’m with the Lydia Commons garden group, and in the past, we have received an invitation to pick up starts leftover from plant sales. Is this still an opportunity? Please advise, thanks.

    46. An EBT Card Holder

      I’m a CalFresh recipient and have been unable to shop at Farmers Markets, due to the lack of a mask requirement.

      I am, thankfully, able to participate in a CSA Box—it’s an outside pickup and I just wait for my turn, if someone is picking up without a mask and then my masked self does my own pickup. I’m, also, unable to shop at grocery stores for the same reason.

      If you want to make a grocery difference for people who are isolated & chronically ill, then it seems to me that increasing our benefits or offering more benefits pales in comparison to increasing our *access* to live, in-person shopping.

      I could be way off base and I’m, actually, the *only* chronically ill person who is unwilling to risk Covid or Long Haul Covid, in order to shop for my groceries or, maybe, there’s just no other way for people to feed themselves and they *must* risk Covid, in order to do so.

    47. Sue

      Such a joy to be at the farm! Thank you for all that Petaluma Bounty does for the community!!

    48. beth kraft

      I would love to come to your farm and glean. I am a school garden instructor in novato.
      Love to bring some kids to your farm so they can see sustainable farming in a larger scale. Let me know if this can happen. thank you

    49. Michelle Brooks

      Raney continues her quest to help others through compassion, caring, and a holistic approach to being healthy. She shares a love of gardening from her family upbringing and happy that she is embracing this change with a work ethic that is excellent. She also loves my lentil soup! Very proud of you Raney and looking forward to learning from you in my own gardening adventures.

    50. Shan Magnuson

      Wow. This is a truly impressive annual report. The results of all that is done by Petaluma Bounty to support community health in so many ways is remarkable. The report itself is visually beautiful, the writing clear and articulate, the photographs fabulous, and the testimonials speak for themselves.

      So many thanks to all who make this small but mighty urban farm so fruitful, bountiful and inspiring. The hard work and persistence of the staff and volunteers are incredible, and the benefits to the community immense, not just in healthy food but in inspiration and energy for the complex support of community partnerships and collaborations.

      So much appreciation for the persistence, creativity and flexibility of the Bounty director, Suzi Grady who never gives up.

    51. Shan Magnuson

      Big huge welcome to the Bounty farm, Raney. So glad you are with the fabulous team. Looking forward to meeting you.

    52. Rocky

      I am so impressed with the breadth and depth of the work being done by this unique community-based nonprofit organization. What an inspiring report on the real impact of these model programs.

    53. Curtis Aikens Chef, M.Ed

      Happy Saturday
      I am still happy and am holding the joy I felt during our conversation yesterday!
      Our North Bay Community is Blessed to have you join us. I look forward to working with in Sharing the Bounty, joy & Love of Fresh Foods. My personal mantra and motto is Spreadlove

    54. Paul Johnson

      We are 10 households trying to organize access to food. Would bounty consider doing bulk deliveries of CSA bags for all 10 households in one shipment at a reduced rate?
      Our households are on Upham St. near city hall. We noticed the plant boxes you manage there seem to be fallow. We would be interested in taking on one or more of these boxes. Could we talk?

    55. Dianne kiernan

      Woo hoo! Congratulations Maria! That organization has found a winner in you. So proud how you have tied your experiences together step by step. Hope to see you in action as soon as possible. 🙋‍♀️😊👍🥑🫑🥒🥬🥦🌽🥕🧄🧅🍠

    56. katie lafranchi

      Hello! I am very interested in internship at Petaluma Bounty. Please let me know what that entails. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    57. Amy Eden

      I love this poem. I can feel the prickles of the lemon cucumber and sense the chill of the frozen blueberries.

    58. Ana Castillo

      Is this event only for people that read/speak English? While trying to translate the invitation to Spanish by selecting from the drop down menu, Spanish is not available.
      This event is a great opportunity for Spanish speakers to learn more about the great work of Cesar Chavez. Please advise

    59. Maria Wnorowski

      Hello Ana,

      Thanks for letting us know about the website translation not working – it is something we are looking into! As far as the event on Saturday, it will be bilingual! Hope to see you there!

    60. Leslie Warren

      This is wonderful to get some free compost! I’m wondering if the set up is in such a way that Id be able to load the compost directly into my truck bed vs into bags.
      If I need to put it into bags, what size and how many bags would constitute 1/2 a yard? Thanks for any info you can help me with.

    61. Elizabeth Rosnel

      Looking forward to doing the hands-on work that will help our Petaluma Bounty Farm!

      See you there!

    62. Maria Wnorowski

      Hello Leslie, if you come after 2 pm on Sunday, we might be able to have people drive through. It’ll depend on how busy it is and the number of pedestrians. Your best bet for loading directly into the truck would be to come to Compostpalooza on April 15th to get compost ( If the 23rd works best, we will have wheelbarrows you can use to move compost from the pile to a truck if it is busy!

    63. DK

      Does the free compost giveaway begin at 9am?
      I see the times for plant sales, but states there will be compost though I don’t see it in your announcements.

      Thank you

    64. John Shribbs

      I will be at B & E Parade SAT and out of town Sunday so will miss this sale. If you have any butternut squash remaining on Monday, I would like to get a couple flats of these to put into St. James Church Community Garden. I could use a few tomatoes in my own backyard too.

    65. Amy Rivera

      When is this plant sale? I am so interested in so many of these plants listed here 🌞🙂

    66. Tricia shipley

      Would like more info please ? And was wondering if there was anything like that here in Santa Rosa?? Thanks
      Tricia Shipley

    67. Maria Wnorowski

      Hello Tricia,

      Are there specific questions you have about volunteering? And Bayer Farm could be a good place to look into!

    68. Suzan Hahn

      Hi and thank you for the wonderful offerings at your annual plant sale.
      Any chance there is more opportunity for collecting more compost?
      We were not in great health end of April so planting only happened this weekend, and we were short on compost. Cannot wait to put the plants we bought from you in the ground.

      Thank you in advance
      Suzan and David

    69. Masako Watanabe

      Thank you for coming to our plant sale. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more compost at this time. Zero Waste Sonoma has compost giveaway events listed on their calendar at There aren’t any in Petaluma in the near future but there are a few in nearby cities. We wish we could be more helpful! Happy planting.

    70. Lisa Hershey Williams

      I am a 63 year old Penngrove resident who is on Calfresh and Social Security. I would really like to apply for this senior food benefit.

    71. Masako Watanabe

      They are West County Community Services and Council on Aging. We heard that West County Community Services has finished distributing all booklets. We do not know if Council on Aging has as well.

    72. Masako Watanabe

      Extreme weather events is one example. We will post any changes on our website.

    73. Inanna LaFevre


      I am doing flowers for an event on September 24th. Do you? will you? have flowers I might pick around that time? I just need enough for 30 small vases.

    74. Masako Watanabe

      Hi there, we have flowers at our farm stand every Wednesday between 3-6 p.m. Please reach out again, when the date approaches, to double-check availability.