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    1. anna m brown

      OH no looks like i missed the plant sale. is this the only time plants are for sale? I need some veggie starts

    2. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Zahra! Thanks for your interest! You can easily sign up for our newsletters on the right side of the page, where you see “Newsletter Sign-Up.” Just give us your first name, last name and email address!

    3. Vanessa

      Thank you for doing this. I’m really concerned about soil health as well. Are there certain plants that absorb more pollutants that we should avoid for eating? Are there certain plants we should absolutely plant to help remediate soil? And then what? Take out the plants?

    4. Sheina Curtis

      I cannot volunteer tomorrow but am very interested in the results of the study. Can you can add me to your email list if you share the results?

    5. Colby Eierman

      Will you be posting updates here? I’d love to be kept informed on how this effort is progressing.


    6. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Colby,

      Thanks for your interest! Please note that Vanessa Raditz is directing this research project. Her information is available through the post above and you should reach out to her directly for specific questions. We will try to keep our community updated on the projects moving forward. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, as well, which is updated more regularly.

      Thank you!
      The Bounty Team

    7. Kaleigh Spollen

      Hi Sheina,

      Thank you for your interest! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, which is updated more regularly. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to Vanessa Raditz, who is coordinating the study, directly.

    8. Melody Sea

      You are all wonderful and busy people. Thank You for taking care of our less fortunate people and hope they are happy and thriving well because of your efforts.

    9. JJ

      You’re right of course that many hands contribute, but it takes leadership to keep a volunteer effort thriving, so thank you for your work and energy.

    10. Vesta Copestakes

      Thank you for this. Many years ago the Gazette produced a resource guide to food pantries – that is still online. It was very difficult to keep up with since so many food pantries are volunteer-based. I appreciate your efforts here. I would like to promote your guide on our website and in our magazine. May I have permission to do this?

    11. Jaclyn Allen

      You continue to inspire me in my own field. It’s people like yourself that gives me hope in systemic change for the good. Keep up the good work!

    12. Larry Martin

      Thanks for the article. P,ease let us now the impact to Market Match from the 700,000 person SNAP reduction

    13. Gail Feenstra

      Excellent article and well said! We hope the project will provide community-centered opportunities for improving farmers markets and farmers market outreach in the Bay Area.

    14. Heather Gallgher

      I would love to See Lemongrass for sale at the Bounty Farm.Other than that everything i look forward to planing you have available at your plant sale. I have some gardening books I will bring with me when I volunteer next Saturday.

    15. Mary Savage

      Hi, Suzi! Mike and I were fortunate to work with you at the beginning of your career with Petaluma Bounty. You were the perfect person for the job to lead this nonprofit into the future. You are a very special dedicated leader and Petaluma is very fortunate to have you in our midst. I admire your dedication and perseverance and tireless energy. Thank you for all you do to make Petaluma a wonderful place to live.
      Mary Savage

    16. Dani

      Wonderful account! What you are accomplishing at Bounty is worthy and your passion shines though with every word.

    17. Matt Lowe

      You are an inspiration to us all. Your giving heart and clear mind is lights a path of hope for the rest of us. Thank you!

    18. Deanna Statler

      OMG, at first I thought you were going to say, “I’ve had a lovely ten years with you but now I’m moving on to greener pastures!”
      So Thank You Suzy for your wonderful comments and your thoughts on the future of the Bounty Farm. Your observations are so relevant. And I am so happy you are staying around into your 40’s.
      I hope you consider the Sunrise Garden as one of your successes. We operate in a different way from Bounty but we know the same challenges as all farmers. And we always look to the Bounty and PPS for advice. Thank you for being there.

    19. Janeen Murray

      Suzi, How nice to get your story, and sincere appreciation to you for helping to manifest more bounty for Petaluma Bounty! It is such important work that you do and our region is so much the better for it.

    20. Shan Magnuson

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, reflections, memories and theories, Suzi.

      Petaluma Bounty and our community are the richer for all you have given and continue to give to this noble, inspiring and down to earth effort.