February Farm Reflections

*This month’s farm reflection post is co-written by Farmer Reyna and Farm Assistant Elizabeth*


This month has brought in more of our caretaker instincts. As we start tending to our seedlings in the greenhouse, part of the care involves assessing the conditions which will influence how our seeds grow. Checking into the greenhouse is vital for the health of our coming planting season. Getting up close to the soil you will see a number of signs to watch out for. Such as watering needs as well as conditions that are benefiting seed growth. When the weather is acting out, it calls for special attention in the greenhouse.

One thing I heard during our greenhouse management training this month was ‘if we’re uncomfortable the seeds must be too.’ It is amazing to have volunteers join staff in tending the greenhouse and get to watch this process. Once plants hit the ground, we will be looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Moments of Mindfulness

Spending time on the farm has allowed me to take a breather. Especially this month when there is a glimpse of what is expected to come post-Covid-19. With the challenges it has brought, I feel that it led to a reflection about our current pace of life. While moving forward is a positive sign of progress, I think it is fair to question the rush to a finish line that is readjusting. 

So let’s slow down and listen to what is healthier than what was normal. If we listen to one another, you will hear what is sustainable and that growth is not done overnight. The pace of life that is natural and not forced. The pace that is considerate of those around us. Taking the time and opportunities to switch off auto-pilot will help us with grounding. So that we can reorient and reassess what is working and what is not working. Let’s take a moment to be aware of our surroundings and intentions. Even bringing more into the light a question about how we ‘show up.’

Being patient and considerate of each other through the thought process will help us make better decisions in the present. Through each task at the farm I find that we recognize what our body needs and where we can accommodate. 

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  1. Margret Smetana

    I will fold up and keep these February Reflections in my pocket ….throughout March and beyond! Thank you for these reflections, weaving threads of nurturing our spirits with farm wisdom and metaphors of grounding, seeding what we as persons and the farm community will become. And honoring the time that nature and our own deep desires seek…… to slow down, look closely and respect it all.

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