Each year, Petaluma Bounty’s internship program hosts 3-8 college and high school students. The program is offered in the fall, spring and summer. We work with academic institutions so that students can receive credit for their time with us.

Our internship program began in 2006, and each internship is shaped by the interest of the applicant and the needs of our organization.

We are inspired by the youth that commit to working with us in the field, at community events, in the office, and more. We are so grateful for their commitment to learning, sharing, and growing the community we’re all a part of.

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Internship Opportunities

Over the years, Petaluma Bounty has developed innovative programs and initiatives including a food CSA subscription, farm stand in a local health care center, educational visits, nutrition education program, partnerships with other local organizations, and much more. Be a part of this growing community farm and experience for yourself what it means to help create a sustainable, local food system. Opportunities to gain valuable management and coordination experience and develop sustainable agriculture skills are available in the following areas:

  • Farm Production
  • Gleaning Coordination
  • Volunteer Coordination and recruitment
  • A.L.I.V.E. Program support
  • Communications and Outreach- video, photography, writing, social media
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Farm Education and curriculum development
  • Farmers’ Market and Farm Stand Sales

Application Process

  1. Read up on Petaluma Bounty’s mission and programs.
  2. Complete our Internship Questionnaire
  3. Interview with Bounty staff; Selection process; Contract signing

Due to the amount of resources that go into making internships successful, Bounty staff usually limits the number of interns based on staff availability. For internship questions, please email the Education & Engagement Coordinator at

Reflections on Internships

“Skills I learned included flexibility, teamwork, farming skills, confidence/intentionality, and constructive questions. This was the best internship experience I could have hoped for and imagined. I feel inspired by Bounty and all you guys do and I’m excited to take this experience with me into the world.” Intern, 2014

“Over the course of the summer, I’ve come to understand all the different ways that Bounty makes food accessible to everyone in the community. It is so wonderful to know what goes on in all the programs. I would definitely recommend this internship in a heartbeat!” Intern, 2014

“I greatly enjoyed my experience working as a summer intern at Petaluma Bounty. I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to do a variety of tasks and be involved in all aspects of the non-profit including community outreach, harvesting crops, running the farm stand, and doing administrative work in the office. My time at Petaluma Bounty was a great learning experience for me and the people working there really care about the community.” Intern, 2016

“Bounty offers a wide range of internship opportunities — from non-profit office management to urban farming to volunteer coordination to social media. The mentorship of Bounty staff and the depth of the commitment made by interns insures a powerful context for leadership development. Interns are given the tools they need to succeed as well as more management responsibilities when they are ready. The diversity of experiences offered to Bounty interns keeps it fresh and engaging.” Rocky Rohwedder, a professor of Environmental Studies at Sonoma State University (and advisory board member of the Bounty),

“Professionally, every work assignment I did will help me in the future. Working with grants and understanding how a non profit receives funds as well as reaches out to the community with help me, especially because I hope to work in a non profit organization. This internship exceeded my expectations. The organization helped me narrow down my ideal professional career and reemphasized the desire I have to work with a community. I would recommend this as internship to everyone in my program. It is a great way to get connected to both farm work and the community in one place.” Roxanne Porter, 2013- 2014

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