Backyard Bounty

Backyard Bounty


Do you long to grow your own fruits and vegetables, but don’t have time to get your garden in shape?  Do you have space for a new bed or garden box, but can’t do the work yourself?

Petaluma Bounty has partnered with Dusty Resneck Landscaping to offer you your own Backyard Bounty!

You can…

  • Convert your high maintenance lawn to an organic edible garden
  • Prepare that extra row of vegetables you want to grow for your family (or to donate to Bounty Hunters)
  • Design and build a permaculture-based food forest

So get your garden going now, and a portion of your bill will go to support Petaluma Bounty’s programs, which include:  Community Gardens, Bounty Hunters, The Bounty Farm, and Bounty Boxes.

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