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PC: Healdsburg Farmers' Market


Faces of the Market Campaign Application

Petaluma Bounty seeks applications by qualified photographers interested in a community sourced marketing project to promote farmers’ markets in a manner that captures a shared ethic and value. Our goal is to highlight markets as inclusive, multicultural community hubs for everyone, regardless of socio-economic situations. By creating value-based promotional material, our work will highlight markets as places of innovation, diversity, and vibrancy while providing a flavor of of the local community and culture. This approach will create a campaign that increases patronage by both local community members as well as tourists for the benefit of Sonoma County farmers, community health, local businesses, and the tourism industry.

For more information on Farmers’ Market LIFE, please click on this link.

Funds will be used to expand the “Faces of the Market” campaign, which was developed with input from farmers’ market managers and community partners. This campaign will concurrently share the stories and motivations of the customers, staff, and farmers of the markets while dismantling the image of the markets being utilized only by affluent community members. Funds are sought for professional photography and visual content creation of the “Faces of the Market” campaign as well as for the distribution of the material through various media outlets.

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A concurrent and potentially interwoven initiative will be to create a promotional video for Sonoma County Farmers’ Markets that can be used to highlight the diversity of agriculture in the county. The video will also showcase markets throughout the county as a community hub and as a way to connect to the wide variety of agriculture in the county. FM LIFE will partner with KRCB to produce the video and it will be provided to Sonoma County Tourism Bureau and other outlets to encourage economic growth for our small to mid-scale farms who sell at the farmers’ markets.

Petaluma Bounty seeks to contract with a professional photographer to create visual content and a template for telling the story of the “Faces of the Market”. There is an additional community engagement component that the photographer can lead or provide input and guidance on. If interested, please submit an application by clicking on this link.

Below is a more thorough breakdown of the goals, objectives, and timeline of the project.

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Goal: To break down the stigma that farmers’ markets are only for affluent people.


  1. By creating value-based promotional material, our work will highlight farmers’ markets as community hubs of innovation, health, diversity, and vibrancy while providing a flavor of of the local community and culture.
  2. Exemplify and personalize the economic multiplier effect and interdependencies that manifest at a robust farmers’ market.

Budget and Scope of Work

The available funds for this part of the initiative is $3,000. The scope of work is somewhat flexible but must include at least 3 site shoots (coordinated with Bounty staff) at participating farmers’ markets with 6-8 portraits and profiles from each site. Ideally, the photographer will create a “brand” or template that community members can expand on with their own unique perspective.

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Defining Success

  1. Quality content that could be provided to Tourism Board, KRCB, and other outlets.
  2. Better sense of priority themes/talking points that resonate with the community members that attend farmers’ markets with the intent on growing that group.
  3. Community members bring their unique perspectives to the campaign and create unique content within the framework we started.
  4. Align content and efforts with video creation by KRCB.
  5. Grow the collaboration’s capacity in being able to administer community engagement campaigns into the future.
  6. Community Engagement Accomplishments:
    1. We’d like to train community members (building their technical capacity)
    2. We’d like to have community members bring their unique perspectives to the campaign and create unique content with the framework we started
    3. We hope to develop meaningful relationships with community members/a network of people that we may call upon for future initiatives

Stakeholder Groups to Engage (while at markets)

  • Farmers
  • Produce vendors
  • Prepared food vendors
  • Customers
  • Market managers
  • Community partners
  • Nominations of market goers by peers

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Questions for stakeholder participants for content creation

  1. Why did people choose to support or come out to the farmers’ market today?
  2. Where is the farmer coming from? Why do they choose to farm and sell directly to the customer through the markets?
  3. Who would you like to learn more about at the market? Who would you like to nominate?
  4. Favorite recipes
  5. Who (which vendor-friends-ect.) do you look forward to seeing at the market each week
  6. How to make market dollars go further


This project is to be completed by April, 2019 and will require coordination of schedules with market managers, Bounty staff, KRCB (film) staff.