Full Schedule for Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. Markets

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Tues. 4pm to 8pmMay to OctoberNovato
Tues. 10am to 1:30pm
Year Round
Petaluma East Side
Tues. and Sat.
8:30am to 12pm

Tues: April to Oct.Sat: April to December

Wed. 4pm to 8pm

May to October
Fairfax Bolinas Park

Wed. and Sat. 8:30am to 1pm

Sat: Year RoundWed: March-December
Santa Rosa Original Certified

Wed. 9am to 1pmSat. 8:30am to 1pm

Year Round
Santa Rosa Community Farmers’ Market

Wed. 4:30pm to 7:30pm

June to September
Cotati La Plaza Park

Thurs. 4:30pm to 8pm

June to August
Petaluma Theatre Square
Thurs. 2pm to 6pmSun. 10am to 2pm
Year Round
Roseland Mercadito Market

Thurs. 3pm to 7pm

June to August
Russian River Farmers’ Market

Thurs. 9am to 1pm

July to August
Santa Rosa WIC Market

Fri. 4pm to 7pm

June to August
Rohnert Park

Sat. 2pm to 5pm

May to November
Petaluma Walnut Park

Sun. 10am to 1:30pm

Year Round

Please note that other farmers’ markets in Sonoma County provide incentives for CalFresh users. For a full list of Farmers’ Markets in Sonoma County, please click
hereThe market names are hyperlinked to their website. Click on the names to find out more information including the address.
Click here for a flyer in Spanish and English

Another useful site run by Berkeley Ecology Center is www.fmfinder.org.