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Where to find free and low-cost food in Petaluma.

If you or someone you know needs access to food, please click below:

2022 Food Resource Guide (English)

Si usted tiene hambre o necesita mas comida para su familia, aqui esta el:

2022 Guía de Recursos Alimenticios (Espanol)

Our Food Resource Guide lists local resources for free or reduced-cost food for children, families, individuals, and seniors. We do a comprehensive update annually and try to make changes throughout the year as we’re notified and staffing capacity allows, but suggest that you always call the service provider first in case their hours of operations have changed. If you have a change or suggestion, please email

If you find a Food Resource Guide out in our community, check the back page to note when it was updated. If it is outdated, let the organization know that they can download and share the most recent version. This information is only as valuable if it is maintained and updated!

This resource came as a request from program participants who went through the PLAY Program and were motivated to continue healthy behavior changes. During the program, they were provided free produce from the Bounty Farm so they could focus on integrating new skills and food into their lifestyles.

After the program, they needed support bridging to other food access initiatives so they could continue their journey toward healthier lifestyles. Bounty remains committed to providing this resource for participants of ALIVE and the greater Petaluma community. The Food Resource Guide is key in maximizing utilization of existing food access programs and has become a crucial link for many social service organizations in our community.

If you find this resource useful, please let us know. This information is only as valuable if it is maintained and updated! Help us keep it relevant to everyone in our community. If you want to make sure we keep providing this service, donate to the Bounty!

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  1. Vesta Copestakes

    Thank you for this. Many years ago the Gazette produced a resource guide to food pantries – that is still online. It was very difficult to keep up with since so many food pantries are volunteer-based. I appreciate your efforts here. I would like to promote your guide on our website and in our magazine. May I have permission to do this?

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