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Take Action!

There are many ways to take action. Pages in this section highlight specific programs at Petaluma Bounty and ways you can contribute.

Things to Do Now

People often ask what they can do that will make a difference. Here are some things you can do to take action right now. Whether you do them all or just one or two, you’ll be helping to build a more sustainable and healthy Petaluma food system for everyone.

1. Donate money

Programs cost money to operate, and donations help to keep all of our programs going and growing.

2. Volunteer your time

Contribute your time, energy, talents to help strengthen Petaluma’s local food system. Work on the Bounty Farm, drive donated food to local pantries, staff an informational booth at the Farmers Market, do community outreach–there are many ways to volunteer to fit almost everyone’s interests and capabilities.

3. Grow your own food — and then, and donate the surplus

Anywhere you can–in your backyard, front yard, side yard, sidewalk strip, on the porch–wherever food will grow. Aside from saving you money, when you grow your own food, you know where it comes from, how it’s been grown, and what’s in it.

While you’re at it, plant an extra row of vegetables for donation to Petaluma Bounty Hunters. We’ll make sure your surplus fresh fruits and vegetables gets to people who can use it.



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