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Stay in Touch

At Petaluma Bounty, we’re focused on growing and gleaning food — real food — and getting it into the hands and kitchens of real people, across the Petaluma area. In doing this, we’re also building relationships — real networks of relationships! Ultimately, it’s these networks of relationships that are driving the emergence of a healthy local food system and will sustain it over time.

Sure, we like getting our hands into the dirt and wrapped around gardening tools. We’re also excited about wrapping our heads around the tools for  social networks that are flourishing on the web!

We’ve gotten started with a few and will gradually be adding more. We’re expanding the ways in which you can keep in touch with us and we can keep in touch with you.

Staff Contact Information

Social Networking Sites and Services

  • Facebook: Connect with us and learn about our most current happenings and events!
  • Flickr: Photo sharing site. Check out the photos and photo albums we have up already. And let us know if you’d like to contribute!
  • InstagramSee our most recent photos of the farm!
  • YouTube: Listen to the voices of the interns, participants, volunteers, and staff at Bounty Farm.


Mailing List

Our Mailing List is a low volume, high information quotient list, a primary channel for announcements of events, programs, and news at Petaluma Bounty. To subscribe, use the sign up form on the sidebar to the right.

RSS feed

Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates of the latest blog posts, changes to the site, and events. In order to subscribe, you need an application called an aggregator, or RSS reader.

2 Replies to “Stay in Touch”

  1. Ammon

    Hello there!

    My name is Ammon, I am the Director here at Neighborhood Garden Initiative. Our mission is to put the garden in every home and put the food system back into the hands of the people. We are a new nonprofit, and currently have five gardens installed (4 personal/1 community), and looking to install and maintain more.

    I learned recently that Petaluma Bounty is in charge of the community gardens around Petaluma. We were interested in reviving the La Tercera garden and bring more awareness to gardening to that area. NGI has 2 gardens installed in that area and has volunteers regularly checking on those gardens to make sure they are thriving. We would also like to get those families involved in gardening on a community level as well. We have a ton of seeds donated from Petaluma Seed Bank and would like to get them out to feed our community.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you so much for your time.

    Happy Planting,

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