Volunteer John Builds New Handwashing Station at the Farm

We at Petaluma Bounty always wished for a handwashing station near the community center for all the soiled-handed (pun intended) volunteers coming in after a good day’s work.

In August, when we were faced with increased fees for our rented handwashing station, our longtime volunteer John made our wish come true. 

John donated a new sink and built a handwashing station complete with special touches. Us Bounty staffers secured the lumber and helped dig the post holes. 

The handwashing station allows for a hose hookup, and we hope to connect our current rainwater catchment tanks to it as well. Water conservation is important, especially in this drought year, and every year. 

The sink is located just outside the Community Center where volunteers coming and going have easy access. It has cabinets, shelves, a step for the kiddos, and sweet dragonfly hooks thoughtfully incorporated by John.

John is one of our special volunteers who’s built most of the structures on the farm. In fact, he also helped the Bounty with the rainwater harvesting project last season. 

Thanks to John, the Bounty’s efforts toward resource conservation, financial saving and education are coming together throughout the farm’s infrastructure.

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