Reflections on ALIVE

As winter approaches and harvest wanes, we said a bittersweet goodbye (for now!) to several of our summer and fall programs. ALIVE, a crucial part of Petaluma Bounty’s farm-based education programming, wrapped up this month with our traditional end-of-session potluck. Short for “Active Living in Vibrant Environments,” this program represents a unique collaboration between Petaluma Bounty and formally trained nutritionists. Continue Reading →

“…Can Add Considerably to the Excitement:” Farmer Katherine’s Reflections on This Season

When I started my position as the new Bounty Farm Manager, it was late August, and the Farm was bursting at the seams with its abundance of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, kale, flowers, herbs, strawberries, and yes, summer squash. Customers at our Farm Stand and Farmacy would offer thanks for my having “grown all this,” to which I would somewhat uncomfortably Continue Reading →

Intern Spotlight: Francisco Flores

If you have ever volunteered on a Saturday or Tuesday morning, you have likely met Francisco, one of our fall interns. Perhaps you exchanged words while bunching kale, weeding amaranth from the squash bed, or enjoying his famous cashew cream sauce – which we have the pleasure of sampling over our weekly post-harvest tamales at Bounty Community Farm. Whatever the occasion, Continue Reading →

Petaluma Bounty responds to the fires

Petaluma Bounty played a unique and crucial role as a community hub for local food response. We also played the role of convener, traffic control, mentor, facilitator, coordinator, and other descriptors as the occasions required. Petaluma Bounty leveraged existing networks and infrastructure to respond to ongoing and new needs in the face of this unprecedented disaster. Specifically, we eased the Continue Reading →

Bounty Farm Season in a snapshot!

What does a typical season look like at the Bounty Farm? Below is a quick description of activity on Bounty Farm that we were asked to put together. We love our Bounty Farm and are tickled to be able to share and reflect on cycles and rhythms of production and engagement. Here’s to many more seasons on this special site Continue Reading →