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Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E.
Local Incentive for Food and Economy
A Program of Petaluma Bounty/Petaluma People Services Center (PPSC)

Please fill out and submit this Google Form based on the information below for consideration to be added to the FM L.I.F.E. Collaboration
Benefits for collaboration:
  • More integrated or coordinated approach to achieve mutually identified goals
  • Financial savings and better use of existing resources
  • Knowledge, good practice and information sharing
  • Ability to retain and expand long term funding
  • Stronger, united voice especially when creating a shared brand (FM LIFE)
    • Advocacy
    • Brand recognition
  • Mutual support between organizations
  • Innovative outreach strategies and expanded capacity with better coordination of activates
    (As adapted from knowhownonprofits)
What can farmers’ markets expect from being part of FM LIFE?
Bounty will:
  • Provide administration and tracking of funds spent, reporting to Ecology Center/CDFA/USDA,
  • Attend state-wide meetings and trainings and distribute information to participating markets
  • Coordinate monthly meetings, outreach efforts, collective fundraising efforts, and data collection for all participating markets
    • A space to share ideas and promising practices, develop innovative campaigns and outreach initiatives, and strengthen FM LIFE
    • Share fundraising tips, funding opportunities and grants with all members
  • Provide 501(c)3 donation letters recognizing contributions by donors (important if your market is not a 501(c)3 nonprofit)
  • Provide technical assistance, training and instructional packets to support successful participation for member markets
Participating markets will:
  • Attend monthly meetings with other market representatives
  • Submit reporting by stated deadlines
    • All incentive distribution and redemption reports
    • Timesheets of staff and volunteers
    • Backup for allowable expenses
    • Documentation of matching contributions
    • Market Match surveys and other grant administrator requests
  • Commit to approximately two hours of administrative work each week plus time operating EBT machines and distributing scrip at the markets
  • Spend up to an additional 20 hours annually planning, budgeting, securing donations, and attending meetings
  • Seek funders throughout their community to help meet the match requirement
    • For example, if your market has a projected incentive budget of $1000, you will need to contribute to the shared goal $333 from local funders and the rest will come from this grant.
  • Tap into your organization’s existing networks and relationships to conduct outreach and engage partners to distribute information
  • Adhere to norms and guidelines of the FM LIFE group and be willing to set aside intra-market affairs for the good of the collaborative
Application Acceptance will be determined by the factors below:
  • Highest community need
    • Proximity to low-income neighborhoods (public transit, etc.)
    • Willingness or demonstrated track record to conduct outreach in adjacent low-income neighborhoods
    • Existing relationships/networks with low-income communities and/or service providers
  • Capacity to follow through on invoicing and reporting requirements.
    • Familiarity and comfort with technology (or ability to get a volunteer to do to this), specifically e-mail, Excel, and shared Google documents
    • Complementary accounting systems and/or experience running a similar incentive program
  • Follow-through on required actions in a timely manner
  • Capacity to find funds and support collective fundraising efforts
  • Demonstrated interest and ability to work in collaborative group dynamics
    • When necessary, set aside differences and focus on what is the best for the group
    • Communicate differing opinions and conflicting interests in a respectful manner
  • Interests or needs in participating in collaboration beyond funding
Procedure for on-boarding new market members:
  • Interested markets need to fill out the google form
  • All interested markets will be invited to participate in an initial meeting introduce concepts, answer questions, provide training on reporting procedures and technology requirements, and general grant application support
  • Markets interested in joining FM LIFE will be interviewed by Bounty staff
    • Markets selected for FM LIFE collaboration will be required to complete and submit additional financial documents, budgets, and Letters of Commitment from funders
    • Markets not selected for FM LIFE will be provided feedback for decision, an action plan for later consideration, and other resources for funding