Where to Access Our Produce

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  • *The Bounty Farm Stand- Open to all! Come enjoy the farm, walk around, pick from our pick-your-own herbs garden, and purchase produce from the farm stand. We are open June-November on Wednesdays from 3-6pm. Located at the farm, 55 Shasta Ave. off of Petaluma Blvd. North. Two-Tier prices based on economic need. Accept credit cards, cash, WIC, CalFresh (aka EBT/food stamps).
  • *Bounty CSA Bags– A partnership with the Petaluma community in which boxes of fresh produce are provided weekly to local families from June to November. As part of the Local Affordable Food Incentives, Bounty Farm actively seeks community sponsors for the Bounty Boxes that are provided to low-income families and seniors, so healthy food is accessible to members of the Petaluma community most in need.
  • *‘Farmacy’ at the Petaluma Health Center– Open to the Petaluma Health Center staff and patients, two-tier prices based on economic need for all produce. Accept credit cards, cash, WIC, CalFresh (aka EBT/foodstamps), Produce Rx.
  • Farmer’s Market at Walnut Park– May through November, Saturdays 2-5:00pm. Open to the public. Retail Prices only, we accept cash, WIC, CalFresh (aka EBT/food stamps).
  • A.L.I.V.E– Bounty provides weekly bags of seasonal produce, or ‘Bounty CSA Bags’, free to participating families.


* CalFresh (EBT), WIC, cash and credit cards are accepted at these outlets. As part of our initiative to make healthy food more affordable to everyone, Bounty Farm offers 30% discounts for limited income families and 50% discounts for CalFresh customers up to $10. For more information on the sliding scale and see if you qualify, please go to the webpage.

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