Garden Starts

Since 2007, Petaluma Bounty has helped to create eight new community gardens around Petaluma, with another new garden in the works. The first two community gardens also contain school garden plots and are located at the McKinley and McDowell Elementary Schools

The third community garden is aptly located at La Tercera Park (which means “the Third” in Spanish) on the East side of Petaluma. The La Tercera Community Garden was a collaboration between Petaluma Bounty, the City of Petaluma and the“Take Back La Tercera Park” neighborhood group.

The fourth community garden is located on the campus of Miwok Valley Elementary School, on St. Francis Drive.

The fifth garden, at Petaluma City Hall, was created in collaboration with the City of Petaluma, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, and Daily Acts, as part of the October 24th City Hall Re-landscaping and Sheet Mulching day, in conjunction with the 350 Day of [Climate Change] Action.

The sixth garden is Arroyo Community Garden, behind Living Word Luthern Church. This garden was a partnership between Petaluma Bounty Garden Starts and a strong group of volunteers.

Sunrise Community Gardens was the seventh garden constructed on Sunrise Parkway and North McDowell Blvd. St. Josephs’s Health, Round Walk Village residents, and local neighbors came together with Petaluma Bounty and Petaluma Parks and Recreation to bring this garden to fruition.

The eighth garden is located at Petaluma People Services Center and came together through the collaborative efforts of Heritage Salvage, A Farm for All, Kohls and Petaluma Bounty. This garden is for the use of PPSC’s Programs and participants.

In addition to the above gardens, Petaluma Bounty has mentored additional community efforts to build more garden space at St. Vincent’s High School garden, St. James Catholic Church garden, Petaluma Dental Group, and Petaluma Health Center.

List of community gardens & contact information

To learn more about a specific garden, see below for volunteer contacts:

Arroyo Community Garden
901 Ely Blvd. South, just north of Casa Grande
For more information, contact: Rebecca by email.

Petaluma Health Center Community Garden
1179 N. McDowell Blvd.
For more information,  contact: Roya Platsis, or by email.

Sunrise Community Garden
Corner of North McDowell Blvd and Sunrise Parkway
For more information, contact: Mary Fairow by email.

For more information or garden plots, contact:

For information on other community gardens go to the Community Garden Network of Sonoma County and gardening resources in Sonoma County, see iGROW

To apply for a community garden plot, please click here.

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