Seeking partners for Egg Laying Operation at Bounty Farm!

Turn our weed problem into something delicious!

What we are offering: Here at Petaluma Bounty Community Farm, we have a 7000 square foot mixed orchard of apples, pears, plums, peaches and apricots, with grass alley’s in between the rows. In the past, we have mowed the alleyways to control the grass, but now, we are looking at a more ecological and fun way to control the grass and pests! We are offering this space as well as access to close, clean water, and extra greens to an egg-laying operation. Additionally, we offer sales outlets at our farm stands and potentially other markets.

What we are looking for: A small scale egg laying operation, with preference given to youth projects and community benefit projects (4H etc.). This operation will need to provide all the components necessary to run the operation, including, but not limited to: housing/egg-laying boxes with enough space and security for the chickens (or other egg-layers), feeders, waterers, electric fencing and energizer. This operation needs to keep the animals welfare in mind at all times, and provide a safe, clean environment for them to thrive. The staff here can offer occasional support, but it will be your responsibility to make sure they are let out every morning, fed, watered, and shut in at night.

In lieu of rent, we would ask for eggs for our staff, amount negotiable. If this sounds like your operation, please send a description of your project, who will be responsible and a reasonable time frame for action. Email descriptions to [email protected] and we’ll go from there.

In Community,
Petaluma Bounty Farm

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