2023 Farmers Market Nutrition Programs for Limited-Income Seniors Will Start Soon

Preparations are underway for two nutrition programs for seniors for the 2023 season. 

The timing for the kickoff is yet to be determined, so check back on our website, social media, and newsletters. Click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter, and here for our monthly newsletter.

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is a federally funded program that provides seniors 60 years of age and older, on a limited income, extra funds to purchase locally grown produce, cut herbs, and raw honey at Certified Farmers’ Markets. The annual program was diminished during the pandemic and returned to full capacity in 2022. 

Local agencies that administer the program are working hard to iron out the details so they can roll it out soon. The timing of the rollout is yet to be determined, so keep your eyes out by checking back on our website and social media (Instagram and Facebook). 

The Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) works with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to administer the program locally. Petaluma Bounty is among the organizations that team up with AAA to distribute SFMNP to eligible seniors. 

More information, including eligibility requirements, will be provided as the program launches. For reference, you can view the 2022 eligibility requirements here. 

A state-funded program to expand senior nutrition benefits at farmers markets

A California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP)-funded nutrition program for seniors will run in tandem with SFMNP.

Seniors who receive SFMNP will get vouchers they can use to purchase locally-grown vegetables, fruits, and honey at certified farmers markets. The first round of this program will be distributed alongside SFMNP, with subsequent rounds to follow. 

Stay tuned for details on the program.

CNIP is designed to encourage the purchase and consumption of healthy, California–grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts by nutrition-benefit clients. 
Last year, Petaluma Bounty distributed the largest number of SFMNP booklets as a distribution partner. Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative administered the Senior Bonus Bucks program that ran alongside SFMNP. Read about the efforts in our past blog post.

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  1. Lisa Hershey Williams

    I am a 63 year old Penngrove resident who is on Calfresh and Social Security. I would really like to apply for this senior food benefit.

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