Faces of the Market Photography Application

Calling all photographers with a love of community projects!

We are excited to announce that our photography application is live for our Faces of the Market Initiative! For a more complete description of the campaign objectives, timeline, and framing, please click here. 

Faces of the Market is a community-sourced marketing project to promote farmers’ markets in a manner that captures a shared ethic and value. We are looking for a photographer to join our initiative as we seek to highlight markets as inclusive, multicultural community hubs for everyone, regardless of socio-economic situations. By helping us create value-based promotional material, our work will highlight markets as places of innovation, diversity, and vibrancy while providing a flavor of the local community and culture. Our goal is to increase patronage that includes our whole community while highlighting Sonoma County farmers, community health, and local industry.

To achieve this goal, Face of the Market will concurrently share the stories and motivations of the customers, staff, and farmers of the markets while dismantling the image of the markets being utilized only by affluent community members.

Are you seeking to use your photography skills for community work? Do you have a strong desire to experience a unique aspect of our community? Applications are open now for a paid photographer to join our campaign.

Please follow this link to the Google Form Application for more information!

Thank you!

-The Bounty and Farmers’ Market LIFE Team

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