From Nursing to Sowing — Meet Raney, Our New Farm Assistant

We are so excited to introduce to you our farm assistant for 2022. Raney joined the team in early June and has hit the ground weeding…er, running.

Raney comes with a very unique background and lots of enthusiasm. Below, read Raney’s introduction in Raney’s own words.

A Message from Raney to the Community

Hello Petaluma Bounty!

I am Raney, the new farm assistant for this season. I am so excited to be here with all of you, sharing this community’s goal of providing food for all. My goals for working on the farm are rooted in my desire to be a supportive member of the movement to heal the soil and heal our food system. I believe that food is medicine and I have a deep desire to learn how to cultivate it organically and sustainably. I want to nourish bodies, connect with the soil, and participate in transformative health.  

“I became a nurse to care for and nurture others and I want to combine this desire with my love of plants and gardening.”


I am a Registered Nurse and have been working in the hospital throughout the pandemic to support and care for patients with COVID-19. The past two years have taught me that the nurturing and healing of communities need to start with healthy food and proper access to that food. I became a nurse to care for and nurture others and I want to combine this desire with my love of plants and gardening.  

When I am not on the farm you can find me floating on the river, attempting to surf the chilly California coast, or tasting some local wines. I am looking forward to a great season and meeting all of you wonderful volunteers and community members out on the farm! 


2 Replies to “From Nursing to Sowing — Meet Raney, Our New Farm Assistant”

  1. Michelle Brooks

    Raney continues her quest to help others through compassion, caring, and a holistic approach to being healthy. She shares a love of gardening from her family upbringing and happy that she is embracing this change with a work ethic that is excellent. She also loves my lentil soup! Very proud of you Raney and looking forward to learning from you in my own gardening adventures.

  2. Shan Magnuson

    Big huge welcome to the Bounty farm, Raney. So glad you are with the fabulous team. Looking forward to meeting you.

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