Growing our Shared Vision for a Bountiful 2021!

Dear Community,

Petaluma Bounty seeks to address food insecurity at its roots while having the nimbleness to address the acute crises that arise in these unprecedented times. We are tireless in our commitment and ambitious in our goals. We need YOUR support to continue doing this multi-faceted, broad-based, systems-informed work in our community, from the neighborhood to the national level. 

Petaluma Bounty has stepped up in numerous ways to expand our work to meet the ever-increasing needs of our community. Bounty is here for you in an emergency, and we’re here for you every day.

Below we will share just a few highlights of our collective impact. Stay tuned to our social media for more content and the year-end report!

Can we count on your support for a healthy, more resilient community?

[Please note, all maskless photos were taken prior to COVID-19.]

Petaluma Bounty improves access to local fruits and vegetables and provides food literacy education. In 2020 we expanded our programs that subsidize access to healthy food for community members: Sponsor-a-Box added more local farms, and our Market Match and CalFresh programs grew by 40%, distributing over $100,000 to double the purchasing power of low-income community members at local farmers markets. Over 4,000 plants were donated to low income community members, and 600 lbs of produce were provided to those working on fire response. In 2020, the Bounty Hunters gleaned over 6,500 lbs of surplus produce and provided it to members of our community. Bounty published a bilingual Gardening Resources List, an updated Food Resource Guide during COVID-19, and helped launch the new initiative getstarted to support the exploding interest in home gardening. 

Petaluma Bounty has expanded our work in growing community capacity to respond to multiple crises with healthy, local food. To work towards the goal of a prepared, coordinated county-wide response to disasters, we co-chair the Sonoma County Community Organizations Active in a Disaster Food Workgroup, co-organized and convened stakeholders across the food system atConnecting Across the Food System for COVID-19 Emergency Food Response, and supported the launch of the Petaluma Food & Service Providers Network.

In 2020, our work to engage our community is more important than ever. We implemented CalFresh Awareness Month and National Farmers’ Market Week, including the Faces of the Market video as part of our effort to promote local farmers markets for diverse customers. With safe social distances measures in place at Bounty Farm, we are welcoming visitors, hosting volunteers, interns, farm stand customers, and a teen club for youth seeking outdoor activities.

Finally, Petaluma Bounty works at the county, state and national level on research and advocacy. We successfully advocated to include Farmers Markets as essential services during shelter-in-place so community members had safe outdoor spaces to shop for local, healthy food. We advocate for local producers and regional emergency food coordinators to be incorporated into disaster management plans. Our research includes working with our partners at UCCE and UC Davis to understand how to make markets more inclusive of traditionally marginalized community members. We collaborate on research looking at food safety impacts of local wildfires.

Petaluma Bounty supports community food security across Sonoma County. This work has never been more important than now. The Covid-19 pandemic and a fourth season of wildfires have had catastrophic impacts on food security, health, and well-being across our county.

In Community,
The Petaluma Bounty Staff (Suzi, Reyna, Sarah, and Elizabeth) and Advisory Board

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