Intern Spotlight: Francisco Flores

If you have ever volunteered on a Saturday or Tuesday morning, you have likely met Francisco, one of our fall interns. Perhaps you exchanged words while bunching kale, weeding amaranth from the squash bed, or enjoying his famous cashew cream sauce – which we have the pleasure of sampling over our weekly post-harvest tamales at Bounty Community Farm. Whatever the occasion, Francisco brings life, passion, and dedication to all he does at the Bounty, and we are so grateful for his work with us. As both a Farm Production and Education intern, Francisco has supported harvest and planting this fall season, assisted with community outreach, and helped with ALIVE, our farm-based food-literacy program.

We checked in with Francisco, who reflected on his time with us so far and shared a bit about his perspective on farming in community.



Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from and what do you do now?

Honest, grateful, and passionate are only a few of my characteristics. I was raised both here in the United States and also Acapulco, Mexico.

How did you become interested in sustainable agriculture and  community farming and why did you choose to intern with us?

As I get older, I am becoming more aware of the ecological dangers that threaten our food system…I want to be able to learn, and one day teach, how to sustainably plant, grow, and harvest food by leaving as little ecological footprint as possible.


What does community farming mean to you? What are your favorite parts of interning here?

Bounty Farm is an amazing place, because it gives people like myself the opportunity to experience the beauty of farming food. They encourage people to connect with Mother Nature by keeping their gates open to the public. Anyone who would like experience this joy is welcome to come and volunteer every Tuesday and Saturday of the month.

Thank you, Francisco! We look forward to spending the rest of the season with you.

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  1. Melody Sea

    You are all wonderful and busy people. Thank You for taking care of our less fortunate people and hope they are happy and thriving well because of your efforts.

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