Participate in Petaluma Bounty’s Mandala Project

UPDATE: Petaluma Bounty’s 2022 Harvest Party will be postponed to a future date, TBD. This blog post was updated on Oct. 13, 2022, to reflect the change.

Petaluma Bounty invites everyone to participate in the creation of a community mandala, an effort spearheaded by local artist/educator Celia Mayo.

Leading up to the event, we have two workshops scheduled. 

  • Sunday, Oct. 2, 11am-noon
  • Monday, Oct. 10, 11am-noon

Read below for details. Email for more information and to pre-register. 

What is a mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle. 

Mandalas date back thousands of years and were introduced to the Western world through Tibetan culture. Mandalas give us the opportunity to connect with our own center and radiate out.

The Tibetan mandala is a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion and generally is depicted as a tightly balanced, geometric composition wherein deities reside. The mandala serves as a tool for guiding individuals along the path to enlightenment. Read more on the Smithsonian Institute website

Why mandalas at the farm?

Petaluma Bounty and Celia believe that art offers a variety of ways to develop a connection to the natural world, self, and community. Art can bring a joyful and meditative process and we invite you to experience that in a peaceful farm setting. 

The act of creating a mandala can be a meditative, calming experience that helps keep you centered and focused. When creating a mandala, we start at the center of a circle and radiate out. It is a metaphor for us as we start to draw from our inner center and radiate out into our community — and farther still. Within circles, we include designs of shapes, patterns, and colors.

We invite you to participate in a workshop guided by Celia. Create individual family mandalas that will become part of a larger community mandala at the Bounty Farm. 

Mandala workshop schedule and cost

We have two workshops as a lead-up to our mandala event at the Harvest Party. 

  • Sunday, Oct. 2, 11am-noon
  • Monday, Oct. 10, 11am-noon

Cost: $27 – $54 per family on a sliding scale. 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Individuals are welcome. 

Location: Petaluma Bounty Community Farm 

55 Shasta Avenue, Petaluma

Contact: Email for more information and to pre-register. 

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