2021 Board Member Blog Series: Dory Escobar

When I joined Petaluma Bounty’s Community Advisory Board in mid-2019, I was already a long-time supporter and ally, having been a community partner in the initial community conversations organized by the Hub about how to respond to findings in a 2004 Community Needs Assessment. My support of Bounty’s work deepened since Suzi Grady assumed the organization’s leadership. It’s been a privilege and a joy to serve as a thought partner to Suzi and support her efforts to grow Bounty’s role in building an equitably sustainable local food system in Southern Sonoma County and beyond. 

As a member of the Board now, my understanding of and passion for Petaluma Bounty’s work is nurtured daily by its staff, partners, and my fellow Board members. As a public health practitioner and professor, I’m especially excited for the small role that we’re playing in helping our corner of the world meet the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals’ second goal, focused on ending hunger, improving nutrition, supporting small farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. 

Among other things, the Zero Hunger Challenge launched by the UN in 2020 calls for all food systems to be sustainable and fully accessible all year round. Yes, that’s a big goal for our local efforts; but that’s how we make change happen – together, one step at a time. A ripple in the pond spreads energy both on and below the surface, building energy that can alter our complex food system.

So, what is Petaluma Bounty doing its part to help meet the worldwide 2030 goals? 

Here are just a few ways.

  • Ending Hunger: Bounty Farm, Sliding-Scale Farm Stands
  • Improving Nutrition: Nutrition Education, Sliding-Scale Farm Stands, Community Supported Agriculture boxes
  • Supporting Local Farmers: Farmers Market L.I.F.E., Food and Farming Literacy
  • Supporting an Accessible Year-Round Food System: Bounty Farm, Grow-Your-Own, Garden Starts Plant Sale, Bounty Hunters

How can you help Petaluma achieve the 2030 food security and sustainable food system goals?

Volunteer with Petaluma Bounty, participate in our programs, promote our work, like us on social media and help spread the word. 

See you down on the Farm!

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