A Gathering of Warm Souls at Our Gratitude Gathering

On our sun-drenched farm in late November, we held a little gathering for our community. It was a gathering of warm hearts that multiplied our feelings of gratitude — a Gratitude Gathering.

Piping hot pizza was served straight out of our chicken-shaped clay oven, thanks to our farmhand Paul. An outdoor yoga session refreshed bodies and souls and brought out the inner kid in us. Thank you, Dana, of Embody Petaluma. Thank you, Master Gardeners, for spending time with us in the Unity Garden. Thank you, volunteer Heather, for sharing how you made calendula oil using flowers freely growing on the farm.

Thank you Shiela, of Petaluma Coffee & Tea, for the beverages. Thank you, everyone, for bringing munchies to share. Thank you, farm stand customers. We closed out the farm stand for the year that day. We were happy to see our Big Boss Elece from Petaluma People Services Center and the HR Boss Megan.

We give gratitude to everyone who supports Petaluma Bounty in many different ways. We give gratitude to the community we are part of. We give gratitude to the land, what grows on it, and all that it brings together.

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