All Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. incentives increased to $20 for September!


In celebration of the glorious harvests at local farmers’ markets and recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and National Hunger Action month, Petaluma Bounty is launching our “Growing Change” campaign for the month of September. Incentives at all farmers’ markets participating in Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. (Local Incentive for Food and Economy) will increase to $20 to support CalFresh (food stamp) customers to start new healthy habits with the beginning of the school year.


Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. is a Market Match program that increases the purchasing power of CalFresh users ($1 for $1) when they use their funds at local participating markets. This incentive makes the healthy choice easier for people on limited incomes and it supports small scale farmers and the local economy. Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. is “Growing Change” in the purchasing habits of low income folks, healthy behaviors, and economic opportunities for local farmers. If fully utilized, Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E. will bring $76,000 to participating farmers’ markets in 2015.


For more information on the September “Growing Change” initiative, please see the FML Sept 2015 Final or contact Suzi Grady at (707) 364-9118. For additional information on Farmers’ Market L.I.F.E and a list of participating markets, please click here.

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