Farewell Reflections from Farmer Reyna

Farming in community at Petaluma Bounty is probably one of the more unique experiences I will have. That phrase in itself, farming in community, is the golden thread that weaves me back into why we do this work, which I’ve had to remind myself many times when I mourn over burnt peppers or become overwhelmed by spring planting. Farming can be lonely, isolating work, but at Bounty farming in community flips the traditional model and builds support systems for the farmer and for those most impacted by the food system.

Here you get to envision and play out with community members what an equitable, collaborative healthy local food system can look like – how unique is that? I am very grateful to have had Bounty be my stomping grounds to learn farming. I give so much credit to those that came before me, to the current crew: Suzi – fearless, wise leader, Sarah – focused, pragmatic organizer, Elizabeth – compassionate, insightful frontline warrior, and Paul – loyal, caring supporter. To the amazing women farmers I was lucky enough to be their mentee (Caiti Hachmyer and Libby Batzel) who always put things in perspective. And of course the extensive Bounty network of volunteers too numerous to name from whom I learned as much or more than I taught.

As I walk away from this piece of land that has definitely had every piece of me, I have to stop myself from feeling a loss because I decided some time ago that wealth comes in many more intangible forms, that investment in community and land tending is a lifelong richness reaped by many. So a big thank you to everyone for having me, I am forever humbled and inspired by the support and care the Petaluma community brings to the Bounty farm.

Potluck July 16th, time TBA!

-Farmer Reyna

“We never know how our small activities will affect others through the invisible fabric of our connectedness. In this exquisitely connected world, it’s never a question of ‘critical mass.’ It’s always about critical connections.”
— Grace Lee Boggs, 1915-2015

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