Happy Spring from Farm Manager Trik

A message from the Bounty Community Farm Manager

Happy Spring! I’ve really been loving this weather and am happy to report I’m getting into our fields. The plant sale was a huge success and it was lovely meeting some of you. It’s been really beautiful to see our greenhouse grow with the help of all of our volunteers. I’ve never worked somewhere that can rely so heavily on volunteers and it’s a testament to how you all care about Petaluma and our farm. 

Farm Manager Trik helping customers haul free organic compost from Zero Waste Sonoma.

Planting veggies and spreading roots

Now that the greenhouse is full of veggies for the farm, I’m eager to start planting! We have thousands of baby plants that want to spread their roots and get fruitin’! After taking the tractor into the fields, we should be ready for tomatoes, peppers, and whichever cool-weather brassicas can stand the heat to go in the ground soon enough!


Come say hi

Thanks for being so welcoming and for continuously providing us with your help and your hearts. I’m really looking forward to settling into Petaluma and enjoying my weekends out seeing this area’s nature and trying some of your local beer. Come stop by and say hi and check out what we’ve got growin’. Looking forward to meeting more of you lovely Cali folks! 

— Farm Manager Trik

New Farm Manager Trik can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.

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